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6 Home Staging Essentials Every Seller Should Buy at Walmart

Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images If you want to sell a house quickly and for the best price, make sure your prospective buyers never stare at empty rooms and bare walls. The deserted warehouse look is definitely out! Enter home staging—the practice of using…

October 15, 2019

How to Calculate Property Tax Without Losing Your Marbles

Aslan Alphan/iStock Need to know how to estimate your property tax? You’ve come to the right place! Most people know that homeownership requires coughing up copious amounts of money. There’s your mortgage, of course, but the costs hardly end there. You will also have to pay property tax.…

October 15, 2019

Buying a House After Bankruptcy? How Long to Wait and What to Do

Minerva Studio/iStock Securing a home loan and buying a house after bankruptcy may sound like an impossible feat. Blame it on all those Monopoly games, but bankruptcy has a very bad rap, painting the filer as someone who should never be loaned money. The…

October 12, 2019

Keeping the Heirloom House

Julie Bidwell for The Wall Street Journal Jeremy Wolff, a photographer based in upstate New York, is part owner of a six-bedroom beach house near Hyannis on Cape Cod in Massachusetts that has been in his family since the 1940s. His co-owners? Nearly 30…

October 11, 2019

6 Strategies to Help Home Buyers Win a Bidding War

iStock; As the saying goes, a home is like a personal castle—and when you’re out there battling other buyers to win one, it can seem like a “Game of Thrones.”  Yes, intense bidding wars can even break out in a buyer’s market. For…

October 10, 2019

American Farmhouse vs. Modern Farmhouse: What’s the Difference?

Robert Kirk/iStock Long before Chip and Joanna Gaines made the modern farmhouse style a chic, big-time fad, there was the original—the classic American farmhouse, a simple style of home design that came about to serve the needs of (you guessed it) farmers and their…

October 10, 2019

How to Find Open Houses: A Guide for Home Buyers

Courtney Keating/iStock Whether you’re intent on buying a home or just curious, hitting up open houses is probably the most fun part of house hunting. It can help you get the lay of the land when it comes to scouring the real estate market.…

October 9, 2019

What Does Sale Pending Mean? Don’t Give Up on Your Dream Home

triloks/iStock So you’re perusing listings and finally you find it: Staring back at you from your laptop screen is the perfect house that’s in the right location, has the amenities you’re looking for, and still, somehow, fits in your budget. There’s just one problem: It’s sale pending. But what…

October 9, 2019

3 Fast Fixes for the Home Features Millennial Buyers Hate

BanksPhotos/iStock When it comes to selling a house, you want to appeal to as many potential buyers as possible. For years, that meant targeting baby boomers and Gen Xers; but today, millennials are buying homes in larger numbers than ever. In fact, by early…

October 9, 2019