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7 Common HOA Rule Violations—and How to Avoid Getting Fined

FluxFactory/iStock Living in a community managed by a homeowners association (HOA) means that you’re obligated to follow certain rules and regulations. Depending upon your HOA, these rules can be very particular—so particular that you may not even know you’re doing something wrong! And if you…

September 9, 2019

What Is a Home Warranty? Peace of Mind for Home Buyers

Jovanmandic/iStock What is a home warranty? In a nutshell, it’s a policy a homeowner pays for that covers the cost of repairing many home appliances if they break down. After all, lots of things you buy come with a warranty in case they break…

September 4, 2019

How Much Is Homeowners Insurance? The Cost for Different Types of Homes

erhui1979/iStock How much is homeowners insurance? It’s a question with answers that are going to vary for each homeowner, depending on the size, age, and condition of the home, as well as the deductible and liability coverage. But know this: No matter how safe…

September 4, 2019

11 Surprisingly Tiny Home Quirks That Can Stop a Sale in Its Tracks Ever spend the night at a friend’s or relative’s house where they reveal some quirky shortcoming in their home? Say, the light switch in the guest room works the opposite way you’d expect (down for on, up for off), or you have to…

September 4, 2019